Crossroads Sunday School

Unity Presbyterian Church is known throughout our community has having a vibrant and enthusiastic Sunday school program with many children of all ages. This can be accredited to Unity’s belief that each and every child has been uniquely created by God and that children learn in different ways according to their God given gifts.

Therefore, our Sunday School for K-6th grade is a rotation Sunday School. Children rotate weekly through 4 different classes to learn each Bible lesson for 4 weeks, 4 different fun and faithful ways. Rotating each week helps a child to experience scripture in a hands on way, to bring scripture alive and to make it apart of their everyday life.

These weekly classes include:

There is also a Crossroads Store where children spend Crossroads Cash which they earn during class! Our Sunday School is a lot of fun, but most importantly our Sunday school is faithful to teaching our children the foundations of scripture that will shape and mold them into the persons God is calling them to be as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Wisdom Warriors Sunday School Class is for Middle and High School Youth. Led by Sandy and Michael Smith, this class uses a variety of curriculum to explore what it means to live faithfully as a Christian in a rapidly changing, high-tech, socially media driven world. From discussing movies, current news events, and the daily challenges that face Youth today, this class is designed to develop and encourage relevant faith practices and Christian discipleship.

We would love for your child to join us!

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