About Us

The Rev. Dixon McDonald who was pastor of Providence Presbyterian Church near Angier, NC, caught a vision for the need of a Sunday school in the community located in Newton Grove, NC. In the summer of1937 Margaret Stevenson made a religious survey for the surrounding community and found that approximately 200 people agreed to support the need for a Presbyterian Church.

In June 1937, a Tabernacle was constructed, which was completed on July 8, 1937 and could accommodate 60 people. The Sunday school was organized on July 11, 1937 with an enrollment of 115. The first service inside of the Tabernacle was July 18, 1937. This service was so well attended there was inadequate room inside of the Tabernacle for everyone to worship inside.

Due to a lack of worship space, a committee was developed in order to secure a new building. After significant fund raising, a new building was constructed in mid-August 1938. The first Sunday school class was held November 7, 1938.

On January 10, 1939, a petition was presented by Rev, McDonald to Fayetteville Presbytery for the organization of Unity Presbyterian Church. The name “Unity” was given to the church because people worked together with a “unity of feeling and purpose.” In 1961 an additional building was added for educational and fellowship needs.

The church has transitioned through the decades from being yoked with Benson Presbyterian Church in Benson NC, but currently worships and fellowships independently with 130 strong and faithful active members serving Christ with energy and creativity.